Sam Pepper Quits Youtube/Twitter

Dylan Garrod

, #Trending

Another one bits the dust… Sam Pepper, a youtube ‘prankster’ has now unofficially quit Youtube and Twitter.

The Youtube star made all of his YouTube content private and removed all of his tweets bar the following one:

Who is Sam, I have no idea who he is?

Sam Pepper is a 26-year-old YouTuber who is known for posting controversial pranks/videos online.

He’s most notorious for posting an ISIS type killing video where his friend is seen crying and begging to spare his life.

His videos, while extremely popular in terms of views, have attracted a lot of anger and abuse from viewers, with Anonymous issuing a warning for him to take his most infamous prank down within 24 hours.

There has been no reason given so far for the removal of all of his content.

However, thoughts are that the public pressure which has been building for the last couple of years has caught up, and Sam has decided to leave this part of his life behind him…. for now anyway.